Ohio Police Academy: Requirements And Cost (How to Apply)

Ohio Police Academy: Requirements And Cost (How to Apply)

Ohio Police Academy: Requirements And Cost: Do you dream of protecting lives and properties? Then, coming to be trained at Ohio police Academy will equip you.

If you are all about serving and protecting, then, you would have considered being a police officer at a point and there’s no other way to get to your dream than to attend a renowned police academy to acquire the skills and knowledge to achieve the said dream. And one of the best Police Academies in the United States of America is the Ohio Police Academy.

A police academy is a specialized type of training open to those hoping to be part of the law enforcement field. There are Police Academies located all over Ohio in the United States. These Police Academies would provide you with the best academic, tactical, and experiential-based training you would need.

So then, let’s dive right into all you need to know about the Ohio Police Academy and get you on your Journey to be an amazing Police officer.

Why attend the Ohio Police Academy?

If you have ever fancied the lives of Police officers or had this calling towards serving as a police officer then attending a police academy is a must to achieve your dreams.

Attending the Ohio Police Academy is strenuous, exhausting but fun. It will not only prepare you for the life as a police officer but will also educate you on socializing with different individuals.

In addition, tactical thinking as well as defense training to help you be the best Police officer you can be. It is a necessary first step to becoming a police officer and if you make it out of the Ohio Police Academy, you would be one of the smartest and professionally amazing police officers there is.

Where is the Ohio Police Academy?

Ohio has over 60 state-approved Police Academies all over the state. The major ones are located in Columbus, Cleveland, Kent, Elyria, Perrysburg, Dayton, North Canton, Akron, and Youngstown.

All these academies are top-notch in Ohio state and are guaranteed to teach you the very best you would need to be the Police Officer you want to be.

What are the requirements for the Ohio Police Academy?

There are few specific requirements for you to enroll in the Ohio Police Academy

  • High school diploma or GED
  • You must be at least 18 years or older as at the time of acceptance even though a recommended age of 21 is preferable
  • You must be present for the duration of the academy per Ohio Police Officer Training commission.
  • Must be a US citizen
  • You must have a valid Ohio driver’s license with full driving privileges
  • You must be of good health as documented by physical exam by a medical doctor or licensed physician
  • Must successfully pass the nine-panel drug screen as well as the background checks
  • You must also not have any existing criminal records or history
  • Successfully pass the physical fitness assessment

Who can attend Ohio Police Academy?

Basically, anyone can attend the Ohio Police Academy as long as you meet the requirements needed to attend.

Firstly, you must be at least 21 years of age or be 21 years as of the time of completion of the academy.

You must also be a citizen of the United States of America and possess a valid Ohio driver’s license with at least 3 years of clean record from the BMV.

Similarly, you must not have been convicted of a felony previously. If you check off this list as well as having no physical or health complications, then you can attend the Ohio Police Academy.

Most importantly, you have to want to be a police officer to attend too.

What should I expect from the Ohio Police Academy?

What to expect in the Ohio Police Academy is some rigorous exercises, both academic and physical. Some of the features of the Ohio Police Academy are full-time day (24 weeks) or part-time evening (36 weeks) academics, more than 700 contact hours, lectures, hands-on training, scenario-based, and group participation.

You may also be required to take at least one test a week as it pertains to your academics and strict rules are adhered to in getting a passing score.

Be proficient in subjects like firearms, defensive tactics, first aid, and vehicle operations.

Expect a military-style environment where push-ups, leg lifts, squats, and other physical exertions are used as means of correcting any sort of bad behavior.

You should also expect early mornings (as early as 5:00 am) with morning physical training to start up your day.

How long is the Ohio Police Academy?

Typically, the Ohio Police Academy program lasts for about 6 months which is principally 24 weeks for full-time students and can last for 36 weeks for part-time students too.

How much training do police get in the Ohio Police Academy?

Based on the standard curriculum, a minimum of 737 hours of training is required. These 737 hours are properly split into academics and physical exercises as well as first aid training, handgun use, defense, and tactical training.

How do I join the Ohio Police Academy?

Okay, when it comes to application into the Ohio Police Academy, there are series of verifications and steps to take which might seem a bit rigorous. All these steps must be thoroughly completed before you are accepted into the Police Academy. The verifications mustn’t be done in any particular order but all must be completed.

  • Okay firstly, you would have to complete the Online Police Academy Application. You can get the application form.
  • Next, you would need to apply and be a Tri-C student and obtain Tri-C acceptance as part of the academy application process. If you are currently a Tric-C student, you must have a good academic and financial standing with the college.
  • You would need to complete placement testing as well. You must take a standardized math and English assessment test and provide the academy with verification of test completion. This step however, can only be done after you admission application into the Tri-C academy is processed.
  • Next, you would need to secure your tuition payment method which can be self-pay, financial aid and scholarships or veteran benefits.
  • You would need to also complete a series of pre-entrance screenings which can be done in any particular order.

1. Physical Examination:

OPOTC only accepts physical examinations by medical doctors, osteopaths, or licensed physician assistants. You would need to fill the SF114 student health data form which the medical professional will complete relevant sections and return to you.

You will then return the completed form to the police academy office.

2. Nine-panel Drug Screen:

You would be required to take and pass a drug screen per OPTOC standard. You would be required to fill the SF147 authorization of Use or Disclosure of Drug Screen Information and take it along with two forms of identification and $40 to the CAAA.

After the test, return the completed form to the Police Academy office too.

3. Background Check:

A background check is required by the OPTOC. You would need to fill the SF 102 Request for National WebCheck form and bring it along with a valid ID (driver’s license or state ID and Social Security card) to Cuyahoga Community college Campus Police and security services.

  • After the pre-entrance screenings, next would be the physical fitness assessment in which you are required to pass all three physical fitness assessment events during the same testing session with results above the 30th percentile. You would also be required to pay a fee before you can participate in the physical assessment.
  • If you are a veteran applicant, you would be required to submit a copy of your certificate of release or discharge from active duty (DD214) to the Police Academy office.
  • Have a valid Ohio driver’s license with full driving privileges. Submit an official copy of your three-year driving record from the BMV office to the Police Academy office.
  • Complete the SF104 FERPA consent to release student information form and submit to the Police Academy office.
  • Lastly, you are expected to complete the SF101 Student Disclosures and Statement of Understanding form, then submit to the Police Academy office.

Finally, we are done. It might seem like a lot but you can carry out some of these processes simultaneously then pick a day to head over to the Police Academy Office and submit all the forms required by them and before you know it, you are on your ways to become a Police officer.

Full Guide How much does it cost to put yourself through the Ohio Police Academy

The total cost to go through the Ohio Police academy is dependent on if you are a resident of the state or not.

Typically, a County resident pays a total of $5,755 for all things tuitions and fees while in the Police Academy while an Out-of-county resident pays $6,484 for tuitions and fees.

The tuition fees cover the following;

  • Cost of 24 academic credit hours (based on residency) plus, academy non-credit fee
  • Blackboard access to OPOTC (Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission) classroom materials and Handouts
  • Standard American Heart Association or Red Cross First Aid/CPR certification
  • Uniform components
  • Optional use of duty gear and firearms. Cadets wishing to purchase their own firearm must purchase a 9mm Glock, Model 17 or 19. Personal handguns and ammunition must be inspected and approved by range master. Firearms should not be purchased until instructed by academy staff.
  • One attempt to pass State certification Exam

There are certain dues which the above tuition doesn’t cover like the non-refundable physical assessment fee of $25, Technology fee for full-time students of $140, Pre-entrance drug screen of $40, pre-entrance physical exam, uniform pants of about $25 as well as ammunition for handgun and shotgun of about $345.

The price might seem like a lot but then you can’t put a price tag on your dreams.

FAQs on Ohio Police Academy

How long is police academy in Ohio?

It takes approximately 600 hours of instructions and training believed to last for 6 months which is 24 weeks for full-time recruits or 36 weeks for part-time recruits

How much is it for police Academy in Ohio?

The total cost for the Ohio Police Officer Training Academy is about $5,575 which some charges are not included in the tuition and fees.

Why is the Police Academy Important?

It gives you the tools to be a proper Police officer. It prepared you for the strenuous life of a Police officer as well as equips you with the knowledge and skill to thrive at it.

Can I skip police Academy?

Well, the answer is yes you can and instead apply for on-the-job training.

How much money does a police officer make in Ohio?

On average, a Police officer in Ohio makes about $60,980 per year which can go as high as $85,980 per year.


To top it all off, the importance of law enforcement in our society can not be overemphasized and for this reason, there is the need to have more Police officers that are properly skilled and suited for the task at hand.

Ohio Police Academy provides just that with their intense, thorough and rigorous training regimen it is rest assured that whoever passes through the academy is sure to be top of his field.