Free Dropbox Registration with Google, Apply & Email | Get your dropbox free account Sign Up

Free Dropbox Registration with Google, Apply & Email | Get your dropbox free account Sign Up

Free Dropbox Registration with Google, Apply & Email | Get your dropbox free account Sign Up: Dropbox is mainly online storage that keeps files in sync between your personal devices and the cloud, it offers a broad array of features beyond that basic functionality

Dropbox is a cloud storage solution for individuals, organizations and businesses, it allows the storage of files like photos, documents, and other files from any device.

It offers both free and premium packages. A 2 GB of storage is allocated to free account users, whereas the premium starts from 2 TB (2,000 GB) storage which pricing starts from $9.99 dollars per month PLUS other amazing features.

Generally, all Dropbox plans allow access and sharing of files across devices. Users can always, from any device access the dropbox login page to explore their stored information (files).

This page has shown a complete step to register for a free Dropbox account (also known as dropbox personal) either using Google, Apple, or email. However, this page leads to the log I page if you’ve already created a Dropbox cloud storage account.


Dropbox Registration Form

The sign up process for a new account can be done from either the website or through the Dropbox app. Thus, both channels to create a Dropbox account has been shown below.

Dropbox Registration from website:

Log on to the main Dropbox website, click on the “Sign in” button, from the page – click on “Create an account” (find it at the top of the Dropbox login form).


Thus, there are different methods to open a Dropbox account, namely; by email and password, Google account, and Apple account.

Filling out the registration form allows use any type of email address (whether Gmail, outlook, Yahoomail, Yandex mail, Proton mail, etc.) to create Dropbox account. It is necessary to remember logging into the email for any further confirmation of email used.

Using Third-Party Sign-on (OAuth) for Your Web App

Google, Apple, Facebook, and few other services has provided a seamless way to manage and safeguard any online accounts with its single sign-on (SSO) services. So instead of saving password and other profile detail on any websites – the better alternative becomes to authenticate with your social media profile without putting in any passwords.

Is faster, and the website or app automatically uses information on your social media profile to setup the account. Knowing well that all online accounts are created with Email addresses, Names, Age, & phone number (sometimes).

Aside being the fastest way of gaining access, third-party sign-on also eliminates the chances hassle—irritating inconvenience of inputing users details and later verification process.

Dropbox Registration with Google:

Using Google to sign up for Dropbox account means you already have an existing Google account. So simply click on “Sign up with Google” — to sign select or sign in to the Google account.

Google’s notification should pop-up requesting for your approval to link your information to Dropbox — select the YES, or APPROVE, or ALLOW (depending which one you see).


You just completed the free Dropbox Sign Up with Google. Now start using your Dropbox to save and share files.

Login Dropbox with Apple:

The same process to sign in/up using Google. You also make sure to have an Apple account to sign login with. However, you can instantly create a new Apple account if you don’t have one now.

Download Dropbox App

You could as well access the free Dropbox Sign Up form from the Drop box app. The app is available on Android and iOS app stores, including Dropbox app for PCs.


Your decision for Free Account and Premium Account

I shouldn’t forget letting you know again that the free Dropbox account gives users a 2GB of storage. Users can manage the files unlike some that doesn’t allow. Meaning account in the sense of deleting files to free spaces. But in a long run, if all stored files are so important then you may consider swifting to the premium account.

You can start from a small plan and later upgrade or go straight to choose the right Dropbox for your business.

Dropbox Pricing for Personal and Business

You may consider upgrading to a premium package, thus, dropbox comes in TWO pricing packages; Dropbox pricing for personal and Dropbox pricing for business. Both package can be paid annually and monthly. Lesser when paying annually though.


Dropbox Pricing for Personal:

The dropbox pricing for personal comes in two variations; PLUS and Family plan Bot plans are almost similar except for the number of users—PLUS gets only 1 user, while Family gets up to 6 users. The storage yet remains the same—2 TB (2,000 GB).

Dropbox Pricing for Business:

While Business plan has THREE varieties; Professional, Standard, and Advanced. The storage is higher with more features to explore the business advantage.

Visit Dropbox personal and Dropbox pricing page here.



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