Stanford University Free Online Degrees 

Stanford University Free Online Degrees 

Stanford University Free Online Degrees: Stanford free online courses is a way the university is reaching out to the wider world with top of the notch academic content and innovative ideas.

Stanford university is one of the leading institutions of higher learning in the world. It has a global reputation as a centre for excellence and its degrees are highly valuable. Stanford University Free Online has one of the most impressive lists of alumni, innovations, inventions and is a leading voice in the world.

Stanford uni Free Online Courses

Many people have always desired to have a Stanford education but cannot afford it because of cost, distance or other barriers. With the Stanford free online courses, such people can now have their education or at least some part of their education at Stanford.

Many people don’t know that they can study for free at Stanford and that there are a variety of courses on offer in almost every field of human endeavour, which is taught by the respected Stanford faculty.

Stanford University

Stanford is a private research college in California. It has a very important reputation the world over. Its official name is Stanford Leland junior and was founded in 1885 by the couple Leland and Jane Stanford in memory of their only son who died a year earlier due to typhoid fever. The university works as a leading research institution to solve the problems plaguing the world.

University Stanford Free Online Courses

Stanford university is one of the most selective schools in the world being an ivy league college. It is super prestigious and is in the ranks of Harvard and Yale. Each year thousands of prospective students are turned down because there are not enough spaces for them.

Stanford online

Stanford online is the name of the Stanford online courses centre. It is operated by the Stanford development centre to fast track global access to quality education online and also gives extended education on campus. It is Stanford’s contribution to the development of the global community

Most of the content offered online by Stanford is offered through their platform but the university also partners with some third parties to offer their courses through other platforms. Some of those platforms include;

  1. Coursera
  2. edX
  3. Get smarter
  4. Great Learning.

This is to make sure people leverage technology and the gift of knowledge to prepare themselves for the challenges that are peculiar to these times and catch up with the fast-growing body of working knowledge. Stanford specifically focuses on those courses that are at the cutting edge.

Those courses offer the necessary knowledge needed to make a technological transition and to lead in a competitive world. They offer courses in areas where there is not enough common knowledge to be able to step in and bridge the gap.

Why choose Stanford free online courses

Many people may be asking themselves why they should subscribe to the online courses offered by Stanford. The reasons are obvious. You will be listening to the very best educational content provided by one of the leading experts in the world at no cost or should I say, almost no cost.

The sheer convenience and ability to listen in at the time that suits you and following a pace that suits your schedules. This can be of significant benefit to career advancement and personal development. More knowledge is demanded of us in today’s workplaces and the Stanford free online courses can help you fill the gap.

How to sign up for Stanford free online courses

Stanford University offers free courses through many platforms, the most popular of them being Coursera. To access Stanford free courses on Coursera you will have to download the app, register and search for the course you have in mind after which you can enrol free of charge. You can then start receiving your lectures at your own pace.


In this article, we have discussed Stanford free online courses and noted how important and useful it is in this knowledge economy and how people can take advantage of it and better their lives.

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