How-to-create-Google AdSense Account |

How to create Google AdSense Account |

How-to-create-Google AdSense Account |  Applying for a Google AdSense account is very easy. Below are the guidelines.

Before you apply for google ads or any account with AdSense of your choice ensure that you have run your website or blog for at least two (2) months with rich content. Quality content on Google is king.

How-to-create-Google AdSense Account | Sign Up Guidelines

  1. Create A Google Account – If you use Google services such as Gmail or AdWords, you already have a Google Account. If you don’t yet have a Google Account, we’ll help you set one up.
  2. Content to monetize – You’ll need a website or other online content that complies with our program policies, on which you can display Google AdSense ads.
  3. A postal address – You’ll also need a mailing address associated with your bank account so you can receive payments. Please be aware that you won’t be able to sign up without a postal address.

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