Metaverse by Nancy Amadi

Metaverse by Nancy Amadi

Metaverse by Nancy Amadi. Funfact: Zuckerberg is not changing Facebook’s name to Metaverse. He is changing it to Meta. They are two different things.

And the Facebook he is changing is not the social media. But, the name of his company. So don’t be confused that the Facebook social media name hasn’t changed on your phone yet.

With Mark’s company, Meta, he wants to build a Metaverse.

Read it slowly again and you will understand it this time.

This Metaverse is not just the VR/AR you know. It has three components:

Web3.0, Blockchain, and VR/AR.

Let’s take them one by one.

Web 3.0.

Have you wondered what the Web1.0 and Web 2.0 is? Well, Web 1.0 is a website filled with just text. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Web 2.0 is an advanced version of Web 1.0 that includes user-generated content. That is, the content generated by you and me. Yes, it’s the picture, videos, and text you see on Youtube, Social media platforms, websites, name them.

But do you know the problem with this?

We can’t share our content without these platforms. The moment these platforms shut down, our whole data is lost and we won’t even see where to share the other ones we have in our head.

Do you remember the social media Saga where Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp, weren’t working? What did you do when they were not working? That’s the perfect scenario of what will happen when they never work again.

This is what Mark wants to solve. You don’t need to be a part of the internet through a third party. You can be a part of it independently.

Hence, with Web 3.0, you can interact with people by creating your world. This is where VR/AR comes in.

You see these contents you post on social media to get likes and comments, with Metaverse? Your content can get you money in return. This is where blockchain comes in.


The blockchain concept of Metaverse usually involves a part of it which is the NFT. Its full name is Non-fungible tokens.

This part of the blockchain establishes that every content is unique. Even though the two contents look the same, NFT establishes the notion that they are not the same. Every content you upload on the blockchain can be bought by someone using the money, NFT.

These prices can either be auctioned or fixed. But las, they are buying your stuff.

This can be applied to you providing some key elements of the VR/AR in return for NFT which are most times appreciated.

Don’t worry, by the time I’m done explaining all these to you, I will show you an example.

I want to explain VR/AR in detail so I will do it tomorrow in another post so that this post won’t be too long. I will also talk about how you will benefit from using examples.

Want to know about it? Comment below on what you learned from this post and ask questions where you’re confused.

See Ya Same Time Tomorrow

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