Metaverse 2 by Nancy Amadi

Metaverse 2 by Nancy Amadi

Metaverse 2 by Nancy Amadi: The Metaverse Continues… So we stopped at VR/AR, right? Let’s continue. Pay attention in metaverse 2. 

Assimilation is a product of attention! In metaverse 2 I will try as much as I can to illustrate what is all about with a lay man’s language 

Imagine closing your eyes and seeing yourself in another world. That’s VR. VR means Virtual Reality.

It’s called Virtual Reality because this world is not real. It looks animated but you get to live in it like it’s real. Don’t think you will disappear and appear there like a ghost😂.

You can’t go into a virtual world without a persona. This persona is someone that looks like you but it’s different from you. Just imagine it like the Barbie cartoons you’ve watched.

It’s a replica of you but in an animated form in this animated world. The sweet part about it is you get to choose how this persona appears by changing the clothes, the hair, and anything you could think of.

And another sweet part is, you can create your own world and invite friends and family to it.

As regards Augmented Reality(AR), you get to see virtual objects in the real world. It’s just like calling Barbie to come and join you in Nigeria so you guys could play. Or so she could tell you about the world she lives in.

So think of AR as a fake object in your world and think of VR as a fake you in a fake world. Got it?

Do you see that concept of having everything without anyone’s help? You don’t need any third party to make this virtual world or to control your persona. Though you can actually buy a virtual world and persona you still have the power to make one with your own hands.

Unlike social media and websites where you have to depend on them to even get plugins and control your page for you. Without them, you can’t do anything.



In every opportunity I see, I ask myself how can I make money from this? And yes, you can make money from the Metaverse.

I will use two examples: making money as a Real Estate agent and as a Fashion Designer.

As a real estate agent, you could choose to buy a virtual world now and keep it for some years, then resell it at a higher price.

Or you could buy from a virtual world developer and sell to individuals or companies that want to buy the virtual world, at a higher price.

You don’t always need to buy the whole world. You could buy just a part of the world which would be a digital land, and resell whenever you wish.

If you’re a real estate agent, this is a perfect opportunity to make money.

For Fashion designers, remember I talked about personas?

These personas won’t be naked, they need to wear clothes. There would probably be a company that would be creating virtual clothes for the personas.

You could work for this company by creating good designs for these clothes. You will make money with this because anyone that needs a persona needs to choose clothes too. If you are really creative with your designs, you will be rushed.

You can even establish this fashion company that will create these clothes with mind-blowing designs if you don’t want to work for anyone. But you need to have good knowledge of technology or employ a developer.

This is all I have for you on Metaverse.

The more time we spend on this earth, the urgent need to clear a tech skill to succeed in this world.

Don’t Jonze. Learn a tech skill today!

Meanwhile, comment on what skill you have(whether tech or not), let me tell you how you can tap into Metaverse.

Take note, I don’t know everything so if I don’t know about yours, don’t feel bad.

Please don’t forget to share with friends and family.

Have a nice day. We stopped here at metaverse 2

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